This application round is for Australian citizens, permanent residents, or New Zealand citizens, and UWA international graduates only for commencement in the second half of 2018.



There is a single online application process via the iAthena Scholarship Application system to apply for scholarships and Higher Degree by Research enrolment.

Complete the online iAthena application form to apply for both scholarships and enrolment in Masters by Research and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. Successful scholarship applicants intending to enrol in a Master by Research or PhD will receive an offer for scholarships and candidature. You do not need to also complete a separate enrolment application form unless you are applying for enrolment in a Professional Doctorate, or Masters by Thesis and Coursework.

Applicants intending to undertake specialist degrees of Master by Research in fields such as Creative Writing, Engineering/Science, Fine Arts, Medical and Dental Sciences, Music, etc. are required to consult the relevant Head of School or Graduate Research Coordinator to ascertain additional requirements for entry. This may involve certified folios, auditions tapes, interview, etc.

Applicants for Masters by Thesis and Coursework must apply for enrolment through the relevant Faculty, as well as applying online for scholarships.


To be eligible to apply for postgraduate research scholarships applicants must:
  • meet the requirements for entry to the nominated Higher Degree by Research course including satisfying the requirements of the University Policy on Adequate Research Preparation (;
  • be undertaking or intend to enrol in a Master by Research or Doctoral degree with at least 66% research component in 2018;
  • not expect to receive another equivalent award or scholarships to undertake the proposed study which is greater than 75% of the stipend rate; and
  • be free to take up a postgraduate scholarship if offered, by 31 August 2018. Special approval may be granted on written application for a later commencement date for candidates with unavoidable commitments but any awards offered will lapse if not taken up before 31 October 2018.


All applicants for a Higher Degree by Research, including Australian applicants, must satisfy the requirements for English language competence set down by the Board of the Graduate Research School (

Graduates from UWA do not have to satisfy a test of English to enter further courses at UWA. However, graduates from other Universities, Australian or international, are not automatically assumed to have demonstrated English Language Proficiency despite that they may have studied some or all of the courses in English. Each application is considered individually. In most cases a formal English qualification is required. Applicants who wish to seek exemption from undertaking a test must request this explicitly.

All English test results must normally have been obtained within the past two years. Higher scores are required for applicants in certain Faculties, as indicated below.

  • Qualifications through WACE, TEE or equivalent: Pass in English, English Literature or English as a Second Language or equivalent
  • GCE O-level (GCSE and IGCSE): Minimum grade C / C6 in English, English Language, English (First Language) or English Literature; Minimum Grade A in IGCSE English as a Second Language, with grade 1 (One) in Oral/Aural Communication; Must be endorsed by COE, OCR, Edexel, AQA or other UK authority (independent and school-assessed O-levels are not sufficient.
  • iBT TOEFL (internet based): 82, with a minimum of 22 for writing, 20 for speaking and listening, and 18 for reading
  • TOEFL (paper based): 570 with 45 in the Test of Spoken English (TSE) and 4.5 in the Test of Written English (TWE); scholarship applicants require 580, with 45 in the TSE and 4.5 in the TWE.
  • IELTS (Academic): 6.5 overall, with no band less than 6.0
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English: C pass
  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English: B grade
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic: Overall score of 64 with a minimum score of 64 for reading and writing, 59 in speaking and 54 in listening. The Faculty of Law requires an overall score of 70, with a minimum of 70 in each section. 
  • UWA Centre for English Language Teaching (CELT) Bridging Course - Overall score of 70% with a minimum score of 65% in each section
  • Other qualifications considered on an individual basis.

Higher English scores are required for admission to HDRs in some faculties at UWA:

  • Law requires an overall IELTS of 7.5, with a minimum score of 7.5 for reading and writing and a minimum of 7.0 for speaking and listening;
  • Business requires an overall IELTS of 6.5, with a minimum of 6.5 in reading and writing;
  • Education and Dentistry require an overall IELTS score of 7.0, with a minimum of 6.5 in reading and writing.


Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships, University Postgraduate Awards (UPAs) and other UWA postgraduate research scholarships are awarded by the Higher Degree by Research Scholarships Committee to eligible applicants after a competitive selection process on the basis of:

(a) academic achievement as evidenced by their academic record; and
(b) research potential based on academic referee reports, relevant research experience and publications, if applicable.
In the competitive selection process, priority may be given to students who are enrolling as internal students in an HDR for the first time, and student who have not:
(a) already completed a Research Doctorate or equivalent;
(b) already completed a Research Masters degree or equivalent, unless intending to undertaking a Research Doctorate;
(c) previously held an Australian Postgraduate Award, Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry) or an Australian Government-funded Postgraduate Research Award (excluding an IPRS and International RTP) previously unless it was terminated within six month of the  commencement of benefits.
(d) previously been awarded, or currently be in receipt of, a current scholarship stipend.
Scholarships are usually awarded to applicants who intent to enrol as full-time internal students based on a campus of the University for most or all of their candidature and scholarship tenure. Approval may be given for a part-time award (for domestic students only) where an applicant is able to demonstrate compelling social reasons such as a medical condition or primary care commitments which would prevent full-time study.


The first step in the application process is to contact HDR Support to determine your eligibility and confirm that supervision, facilities and resources are available for your research. Your application will be disadvantaged if you have not nominated a supervisor, or the Faculty has no prior knowledge of your proposed research project. If you have not already done so, please email the relevant Faculty HDR Pre-candidature support team:
Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education:
Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences:
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences:
Faculty of Science:

Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships; University Postgraduate Awards (UPA); UWA Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarships and a number of other full and top-up scholarships are available in this round. The list of scholarships in the iAthena application form includes a hyperlink to the UWA Scholarships website for each scholarship - please check the eligibility and application details carefully.


Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships, funded by the Australian Government, and University Postgraduate Awards (UPAs), funded by UWA, provide financial support for students to enrol in postgraduate research degrees. UWA Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarships may be awarded in conjunctions with RTP/UPA Stipends, providing a total full-time scholarship package of $29,000 per annum in 2018. The RTP/UPA stipend will be adjusted annually in line with the Commonwealth Department of Education indexation. The value of the UWA Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarship is at the discretion of the UWA HDR Scholarships Committee and will also be adjusted each year, reducing as the RTP/UPA increases.

The UWA Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarship program will be discontinued when the value of the RTP reaches or exceeds $29,000 per year.

See below for details of some other scholarships available in the 2018 Mid-Year Round:


Scholarships for Research in Agriculture and Plant Biology:
Scholarships for Medical Research:
Other Scholarships:   


An Establishment Allowance of $2,000 will be paid to highly ranked applicants relocating from interstate in addition to Relocation Allowances provided under the RTP and UPA conditions, and some other scholarship schemes (please check individual conditions for details of allowances). Interstate applicants who will need to Perth in order to enrol and take up the scholarships should tick the "Establishment Allowance" box on the online form. 


Indigenous Postgraduate Supplementary Scholarships valued at $10,000pa may be awarded to awardees of RTP Stipends or University Postgraduate Awards who identify as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and who are recognised as such by the community with which they associate. The top-up scholarships are awarded for the duration of the primary scholarship, up to a maximum of three and a half years. No separate application form is required, but please tick the Indigenous Top-Up Scholarship box on the online form, and attach proof of your Indigenous status to the Application Confirmation form.


Do not use Internet Explorer. Use another web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.



If you are currently enrolled in a course at UWA at the time of your scholarship application, select Current UWA Students and enter your UWA Student Number and UWA Pheme Password.

ALL other scholarship applicants must select Non-UWA Students and Former UWA Students. Enter your personal/work email address to register for iAthena, as we will use this email address for correspondence about your scholarship application. Do NOT enter your UWA student number and UWA student email address in the User Account Registration if you are not enrolled at UWA at the time of your application.

If you are a former UWA student or you have received an offer, but have not yet enrolled, you should enter your UWA Student Number in the Personal Details section of the Application Form (but not at the Registration stage).


If you have previously submitted an application in iAthena, email the Graduate Research School to transfer your application into the current round. The transferred application will include all uploaded documents and Referee Reports from your previous application.

You can then log in to iAthena with your original login details, update your application, and submit your application. You do not need to provide hardcopy supporting documents which were submitted with your previous application, but you will need to submit a new Application Confirmation form. Email: (domestic applicants) or (international UWA graduates only).


Question 1: Scholarship Selection

Select one of the following options:

  • Scholarships & Enrolment in a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Select this option if you are not already enrolled in a HDR and you want to apply for enrolment and scholarships.
  • Scholarships Only (current UWA Doctoral and Masters Students Only) Select this option if you are already enrolled and want to apply for scholarships.

Check the eligibility criteria for each scholarship listed by clicking on the 'Show Details' link and select only those for you are applying.

Question 2: Personal Details

Enter your UWA Student Number if you are a current or former UWA student, or you have received an offer but have not yet enrolled. Applicants who have completed a degree with a previous name must provide documentary evidence of their change of name.

Question 3: Address

Enter your Permanent Home Address, Postal Address and Current Residential Address (where you are living now) and indicate if you will need to move to Perth to take up the scholarship. If you do need to move to Perth from within Australia you may be eligible for a Relocation Allowance, subject to proof of your move to Perth and on production of receipts for travel and removal expenses.

Ensure you provide an email address and a phone number where you can be contacted during the day.

Question 4: Course Selection

Select the course for which you are applying. Postgraduate research scholarships are only available for the research degrees listed. Do NOT use this iAthena application form if you wish to apply for a postgraduate coursework degree. More information about applying for postgraduate coursework degrees can found at:

If you are applying to transfer candidature from a Higher Degree by Research at another university, upload a UWA Research Proposal and Coversheet (

Question 5: English Proficiency

Indicate how you have satisfied the requirements for English language competence, or if you have booked an English test.

Question 6: Education History

List ALL of your previous and current tertiary studies (completed and incomplete). Failure to disclose your true and complete tertiary academic record will make you ineligible for scholarships and enrolment at UWA. 

Upload official academic transcripts and degree certificates for all your tertiary studies. Documents not in English must be accompanied by an official certified translation.

Originals or certified copies of evidence of Tertiary Qualifications obtained from other institutions must be mailed or delivered to the Graduate Research School with your Application Confirmation and other documentation, by the application deadline. If you are a current or former UWA student, you do not need to upload UWA Academic transcripts.

The iAthena system will only accept the following files: PDF; JPEG and JPG with an upper limit of 2MB per document.

Question 7a: Proposed Research Area

If you are unsure of the school in which intend to enrol, contact the HDR Support team in the relevant faculty. A scholarship awarded in one faculty may not be transferable to another faculty. 

Question 7b: Proposed Research Topic

You must discuss your proposed research with your Faculty HDR Pre-candidature support team and prospective supervisor, to ensure that adequate supervision, facilities and resources are available.

Provide a tittle and statement of 250-300 words describing your proposed project (including specific aims, potential significance, and proposed technologies relevant to your research if applicable).

Question 7c: Research Through Employment

Summarise any research experience that you have gained through employment that is relevant to your proposed research. Please do not include non-research related employment.

Question 8a: Publications in Refereed Journals or Published Monographs

List any publications in refereed journals or monographs, published within the last five years. The listing must indicate titles of papers; sequence of authors as shown in the paper; first and last page numbers; name, volume and date of journal. For recent papers accepted but not yet published, a copy of the notification of acceptance by the journal’s editor is required. Quality as well as quantity of publications will be considered in the assessment of applications. Do not include papers submitted for publication but not yet accepted, or conference proceedings, abstracts or papers in this section unless they were published in a refereed journal.

Upload the abstract or first page of each publication in this section. If you are not the sole or first author, upload a brief statement from the publication's first author outlining your contribution to the paper. A template is available on request to your Faculty HDR Pre-candidature support office.

The iAthena system will only accept the following files: PDF; JPEG and JPG with an upper limit of 2MB per document. Please do not upload whole publications or very large files in this section. The combined file size of the application form and scanned documents must not exceed 10MB in total.

Question 8b: Conference Participation

List and number consecutively any oral presentations delivered or conference papers accepted at an academic conference within the last five years.

Question 9: Competitive Prizes, Patents, and Grants

List any competitive international or national prizes, patents, or grants awarded within the last five years. Prizes include those awarded by learned societies or for travel. Do not include university or minor prizes. If your evidence is not in English, upload a certified English language translation.

Question 10: Formal Professional Qualifications

This section is not compulsory. List any professional qualifications obtained and upload evidence of membership with professional bodies. If you do not have any formal professional qualifications which are relevant to your field of research please leave blank and click Save to move to the next question.

Question 11: Curriculum Vitae/Resume and Relevant Research-Related Employment

Current UWA students do not have to include a CV and if you do not have any relevant research employment experience please leave blank and click Save to move to next question.

All other applicants must upload a CV (of no more than 3 pages) summarising your educational qualifications, including incomplete degrees, employment history, including any relevant research-related employment.

Upload reference letters from employers detailing the research undertaken and results achieved during the period of employment. Do not include references for non-research related employment.

Question 12: Personal Statement

This question is not compulsory for current or former UWA students. You can simply leave this section blank and click Save to move to the next question.

ALL other applicants must provide a statement (of no more than 300 words) off your personal aims in wishing to undertake the course by answering the following questions:
  • Why do you want to come to UWA?
  • What do you hope to achieve?
  • How will the qualification gained at UWA help you?

Question 13: Academic Referee Reports

Applicants should nominate two academic referees. Referees should have informed, personal, and professional knowledge of your academic ability and be able to exercise judgement of your research potential.

Referee Reports should be submitted by Friday 27 July 2018 to ensure they are considered in the ranking process. In the case of Honours students or recent graduates of The University of Western Australia, it is recommended that:

  • One referee should be the supervisor of previously undertaken supervised individual research, or the Head of School or Graduate Research Coordinator.
  • The second referee should be one of the above, or the applicant's prospective supervisor if he/she has sufficient knowledge of the applicant.

Applicants from other institutions should choose appropriate referees and should follow similar principles to those detailed above in nominating referees from their own institutions who have informed, personal and professional knowledge of their academic ability and who may exercise judgement of their research potential.

You must notify your referees and ensure they understand what is required of them. When you submit your online application your referees will receive an automated email requesting them to complete an online Referee Report. The preferred method of submission of Referee Reports is online via iAthena.

If your Referee cannot submit the online report in iAthena, the Referee Report Form can be downloaded from the Graduate Research School website at:  Completed downloaded reports should be emailed to:

to be uploaded into your application.

Questions 14: Prior Education Statistical Details

Provide details of your previous educational qualifications and the source of your information about UWA scholarships.

Question 15: Application Confirmation and Declarations

Read the Application Confirmation Form and the Declarations. Please ensure that all of the information in your application is true and complete. Provision of incorrect and misleading information, or the withholding of relevant information is an offence and you will not be eligible for scholarships or enrolment at UWA. 

When you are ready to submit your online application, enter your email address or UWA Student ID and iAthena password and press the Submit button.

Submission of Application Confirmation Form and Hardcopy Supporting Documents

When you have pressed Submit, iAthena will generate the Scholarship Application Confirmation form, which includes the Declarations and list of required hardcopy supporting documents. 

Your application is not complete without submitting the signed Scholarship Application Confirmation form.

Print and sign the Application Confirmation form and submit it with certified copies of your passport, English test results, all academic transcripts and degree certificates (other than those gained at UWA) by Friday 20 July 2018 to the:

  • Graduate Research School
    Room G13, Hackett Hall, Mailbag M358
    The University of Western Australia
    35 Stirling Highway


Scholarship Application Confirmations and supporting documents which are postmarked or sent by courier on or before 20 July 2018, will be accepted even if they arrive after 20 July 2018.

It is preferable that you do not send original documents as we may not be able to return them to you. However, we will need to see your original documents at the time of your enrolment. If certified copies of supporting documents are emailed by UWA Agents (, applicants are not required to deliver hardcopies at the time of application.

How to check if your Supporting Documents have been received

You can log in to iAthena to check if your supporting documents have been received and checked by the Graduate Research School. Your application status will be recorded in the Application Status from Previous Rounds box with one of the following codes:
  • SUBMITTED: Your application has been submitted, but your documents have not yet been received.
  • EVIDENCE RECEIVED/CHECKED: Your Application Confirmation form and supporting documents have been received and checked.
How to check if your Referees have submitted their reports

You can log in to iAthena to check if your referees have submitted their reports. The Application Status from Previous Rounds box includes fields for Referee Report 1 Received and Referee Report 2 Received. If your Referee Report has been received, the date when it was submitted into iAthena will be recorded in the field under the heading. If there is no date recorded, this means that the referee has not yet submitted their report.

If one or both of your referees have not submitted their reports by Friday 27 July 2018, you should encourage them to submit their report as soon as possible. It is the applicant's responsibility to follow up late or missing reports, and UWA will not contact referees to request late or missing reports.

If your referee cannot submit the online report in iAthena, the Referee Report can be downloaded from the Graduate Research School website at:

Completed downloaded reports should be emailed to for domestic applicants and for international UWA Graduates to be uploaded into your application.